Alex Pattison, LMFT

Alex Pattison

Hi! My name is Alex (she/her). I am a licensed family and marriage therapist and work with individuals, couples, and families. I offer a safe place for you as you explore your feelings and your ways of coping. We will work together in therapy to support you in embracing yourself, your needs, and your desires. Every person has a unique story and experiences, which is why I work from a person-centered approach. I honor each individual where they are and believe that each person is the expert on themself. I will not have all of the answers, but we will work together so that you can find the answers and wisdom inside of you. 

I believe that telling our story is an important part of healing and helps us to understand ourselves in a deeper and more compassionate way. I will hold space in therapy for you to share your story as you are ready, and together, we will explore if there are certain aspects of your behaviors or relationships that you want to change or shift. 

My primary specialization is in working with people with eating disorders and supporting people in healing their relationship with their body. As someone living in this culture, I know the impact of diet culture, gender stereotypes, the pressure of the thin ideal and unrealistic beauty standards. I have struggled with an eating disorder and in my relationship with my body. Throughout my own recovery, I have learned the importance of self-compassion, advocacy, and understanding our body’s needs. My own experience with an eating disorder is a large part of what led me into this field. I know how hard it is to struggle with an eating disorder and I also know how freeing it is to heal from one. I also recognize how my own privileges as a thin, white, cisgender woman have given me access to support and healing that not everyone has had access to. 

In addition to my personal experience with an eating disorder, I have spent years educating myself on eating disorders and understanding the various treatment interventions and modalities to support people in their healing. I am currently working towards my certification as an eating disorder specialist. As a weight inclusive, fat positive, Health at Every Size(R) provider, all of my work is rooted in social justice. I acknowledge my own privileges and the importance of utilizing them to dismantle systems of oppression. I want to support others in taking up space in the world while recognizing the systems and structures that have made that difficult. 

In addition to working with people with eating disorders, I also work with a variety of other presenting concerns,  including but not limited to, anxiety, depression, addiction, and trauma. I am trained in suicide prevention, Solution focused therapy, and Trauma and Recovery Empowerment (TREM), which is  a trauma based treatment modality. I utilize interventions from dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy  and acceptance and commitment therapy. I am client centered and relationally oriented. I provide neurodivergent affirming care and understand ways that eating disorder treatment may need to be adjusted to support the needs of neurodivergent folx. 

I recently completed my training as a yoga teacher and am excited to be offering weight inclusive, fat positive yoga classes. I live in Bucks County, PA with my partner and our fur babies- Roger, Darcie and June. In my free time, I enjoy practicing yoga, getting lost in a good book, and baking. I am a skilled thrifter and love finding treasures- especially original floral art pieces! 

I am looking forward to working with you and supporting you on your journey.

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