Anxiety is a regular part of life for most of us. We all feel some degree of anxiety, and given the current times, many people are feeling more anxious than they usually do. If you are visiting this page, it is likely because you are concerned that you have anxiety that goes beyond the kind of anxiety we all experience and that the level of anxiety you are experiencing is interfering with your life. 

For people struggling with anxiety disorders, the anxiety typically gets in the way of many things you want to do or you can’t enjoy things as much because of the anxiety. There are many different types of anxiety. Some people describe feeling anxious about everything; while others are anxious about one specific thing. Some people feel anxious only in social situations; while others feel anxious only when they are alone. People with anxiety may have panic attacks and then avoid doing things for fear of having another panic attack. 

Sometimes people with anxiety are embarrassed about their anxiety and try to hide it from others. This can leave people with anxiety feeling lonely and misunderstood. Many people with anxiety describe being anxious since childhood, while others may develop anxiety as an adult. Things like trauma or a significant life change can cause anxiety to develop as a response to these experiences. 

Anxiety can serve as a guide or warning system for many of us, but for people with anxiety disorders, the anxiety goes beyond what is protective in a particular situation and interferes with functioning. We will work with you to explore what type of anxiety you have and what is contributing to it. Depending on what we discover, there may be different approaches that will be most helpful for that particular type of anxiety. 

For some people with anxiety, medication can be helpful in managing it. If we feel medication could be helpful in your particular situation, we will discuss it with you and make referrals to a psychiatrist if it is something you are open to.

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