If you have arrived on this page it is likely because you think you might be struggling with depression. Many people with depression describe feeling sad a good portion of the time and feel frustrated because even things they used to enjoy are now not enjoyable. Often times, people feel so down that they are hopeless about the possibility of ever feeling better. 

Depression is frequently used as a catch-all word to describe any kind of sadness that is ongoing. Things such as grief, trauma, dealing with oppression, stressful life events, etc., can contribute to feelings of sadness that continue over a period of time. For many people, these things can contribute to depression. As we work together, we will help you identify and feel all of the feelings associated with these things while also addressing the depression. 

People with depression often describe feeling lonely even when in a room full of people. This is usually because they don’t feel they can talk honestly about their depression for fear of being a burden or making other people feel sad too. We want to hear everything about your experiences including all about your depression. We want to understand what the contributing factors for your depression are and we want to know how it is impacting your life. 

For some people with depression, medication can be an important part of treatment. If medication is something you want to consider, we will assist in referring you to a psychiatrist or collaborating with your current psychiatrist if you already have one. While we may recommend medication as something that could be a helpful part of treatment, we respect your choice about whether to consider it or not.

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