We are excited to be offering EMDR at our practice with Jessica Salatino, LSW. 

What is EMDR?

Eye movement desensitization & re-processing, or EMDR, is a treatment modality that helps people heal from trauma, painful life events, negative self-beliefs as well as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, panic attacks, and many other mental health diagnosis. There have been hundreds of studies demonstrating EMDRs efficacy as a treatment modality. EMDR has become more widely known as a method for treating trauma due to the evidence base in support of it and personal narratives from those who have experienced EMDR as part of their healing process. 

EMDR has been approved as an effective treatment by the American Psychological Association, American Psychiatric Association, and the Department of Defense and the Veteran's Administration. 

What is an EMDR session like?

During EMDR, we will work together to identify what the focus of the session will be. I will support you in calling to mind the thoughts, feelings, and other memories about this event or belief system. Together we will discuss what to expect during the EMDR session and I will answer any questions you may have. After preparing together, I will facilitate the bilateral movement of the eyes or other dual attention stimulation of the brain, while asking you to notice what is coming up for you. 

Processing in EMDR is different than in traditional talk therapy. Unlike talk therapy that requires verbal communication and processing, EMDR relies on the ways the brain processes and re-processes information so that traumatic events and beliefs can be integrated and therefore no longer have the same distressing impact on your day to day life or on your future.  

Each person processes information differently based on their experiences. We will continue with processing the events through the set of eye movements until the memories become less disturbing.

Due to the nature of EMDR, I offer EMDR in 60, 90, and 120, and 180 minute sessions. Many people prefer doing a prolonged EMDR session as it gives us the chance to more fully process and have time to debrief and support you in centering before the session ends. Other people find a 60 minute EMDR session sufficient.

Some people seek care specifically to do EMDR, while others choose to do EMDR in addition to traditional talk therapy. For those who are wanting to do EMDR in addition to traditional talk therapy, we can integrate EMDR into your treatment and I am happy to collaborate with your other providers. 

The cost of EMDR sessions is as follows:

60 Minutes: $275

90 Minutes: $412

120 Minutes: $550

180 Minutes: $850


If you have any questions about EMDR or about which session length would be appropriate for you, please reach out. I am happy to chat with you by phone to answer any questions and provide support with scheduling your EMDR session. 

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