Sar Davis, MPS, Pre-Licensed Therapist


Hello! I'm Sar (she/they).

I am a pre-licensed therapist and artist who is inspired by fat liberation & radical self-love.

I received my Masters of Arts in express art therapy, and I have professional and personal practice in care work settings. I also have intersecting identities as a fat, queer, Latinx person who has been able to find strength in educating myself about other human experiences and offering support to my communities.

I have lived experiences with disordered eating and have had history of inaccurate treatment because of my body. I know I am not alone in this experience, and I know how scary opening up to someone about body trauma can feel. Your experiences are valid. Healing our bodies in a world that is steeped in capitalism, diet culture, and body oppression is challenging at best. In addition, I have both personal and family experience of neurodivergence as well as a background working with people who are neurodivergent. I have found that after working in a program for adults with disabilities, I needed to do a lot of unlearning due to the harmful information I was taught by other providers and training in that setting. My strength in working with neurodivergent people is not my work experience, but my own lived experience and learning to tune in and listen to other people’s lived experiences. I offer a space that is neurodivergent affirming and utilizes a social justice lens to inform my work.

This will ultimately be your story, but my hope is that we can build new ways for you to eradicate toxic messages that imbed body shame, create new narratives that allow you to explore your body in a loving and supportive way, and tend to your relationship with food.

I will use a person-centered approach in our individual sessions and can offer guidance in recovering from diet culture, disordered eating, as well as issues related to depression, anxiety, trauma, sexuality, and body image. In addition to talk therapy, I am skilled in using creative art therapy to develop a deeper level of communication in sessions.  While art therapy can be many things, I specifically offer a range of creative suggestions that can foster a sense of empowerment. I have led restorative figure drawing sessions in the past that encouraged the exploration of the body in a safe and meditative way. When we work together, I will adapt my approach to be best suited for your needs and am ready to support you on your journey towards the future.

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